IL Governor Democrat Challenger Accused Of “Racial Discrimination And Harassment”

PHOTO:  (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune)

Article by Bryan Howard

October 17, 2018

Illinois Democrat Billionaire J.B. Pritzker is in a race to unseat Incumbent Republican Governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner. Pritzker has a shady past with connections with George Soros and former Illinois Governor who is in prison Rod Blagojevich. Now Pritzker has allegations against him and his campaign for “racial discrimination and harassment.”

Entering the final 3 weeks of the election ten Black and Latino staffers filed a law suite against J.B. Pritzker on Tuesday alleging repeated racial discrimination and harassment. The staffers are claiming the minorities who were employed were, “herded into race-specific positions” and “received less favorable treatment than their white counterparts” while allegedly enduring “overt and invidious racial discrimination.”

According to NBC Chicago,

“The lawsuit claimed that the “vast majority” of black and Latino staffers were placed in field regions covering the West, South and Far South Sides of Chicago. The staffers alleged that minority organizers were denied resources afforded to their white counterparts, and claimed that they were asked “on the basis of their race, to perform racists (sic) tasks such as to, ‘go round up 40 Black guys’ for an event.””

“The staffers also allege that one of Pritzker’s field offices on the city’s South Side was located “in an unsafe location,” next to a store that was robbed twice in one week and where a woman was “raped outside their back door” in broad daylight, according to the lawsuit. ”

“When asked why Pritzker himself did not visit their office, the staffers claimed in the suit that they were allegedly told “he’ll visit when they stop shooting.””

“A field organizer identified as Kasmine Calhoun claimed that she was the only black organizer sent to Peoria and alleged that told she was hired to “meet a ‘black female organizer quota,'” the lawsuit reads.”

“The lawsuit alleged she was “supposed to be housed with a family that was friendly to the campaign” while in Peoria, but she said that when they found out she was black they did not let her stay in their home, forcing her to sleep in her car and at the office until she was put up in a hotel in an “unsafe part of town.””

“Calhoun resigned her position after a request to move to a safer location was denied, the lawsuit reads. One other plaintiff in the suit also resigned while eight of the 10 staffers named still work on the campaign.”

Pritzker denied the claims placed against him, “To be clear, this is just not true.”


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