Fourth Video Released: Democrat Senate Hopeful Sinema Bashing Her State Of Arizona!

PHOTO: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/AP

Article by Bryan Howard

October 17, 2018

A fourth video was released of Democrat Senate hopeful, where she bashes her state of Arizona. In 2010 congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema gave a speech at the 2010 National Immigrant Integration Conference in Boston, MA. During this speech Sinema warned Boston don’t let your state become Arizona, claiming Arizona is not a good state with awful citizens.

Kyrsten Sinema insulted her state of Arizona in a speech she gave in Boston. The transcript is provided below plus a video.

One of the reasons I think it’s so important to share the story of my Arizona with others around the country is to serve as a warning symbol for each of you to take note about your changing communities. For if you choose not to acknowledge the changing nature of your community and allow instead extremists to fill the space that is created by the natural movement of change then Arizona could also be your future.


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