Disgusting: Pro-Gillum Group Using Race-Baiting Text Messages, “We Could End Jim Crow Florida”

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

October 17, 2018

The “Tallahassee Reports” had an article written by Steve Stewart on Tuesday, where he exposed a pro-Andrew Gillum group using race baiting tactics to get black people to vote for him. The race baiting tactics used was sending text messages to black voters requesting they support Andrew Gillum because he is black, (I guess we don’t care about someone’s ideas only skin color). This is a tactic that would be widely excepted by Hitler to support people based on skin color.

The group sending out the text messages are called Black voters Matter,

In the text that was sent to black voters they said by electing Socialist Andrew Gillum you could end Jim Crow Florida. I think these people need to read history because Jim Crow has ended many years ago, and Jim Crow was a Progressive Democrats himself.

Here is a screen shot of the text message that Tallahassee Reports was able to attain.

The message reads,

Hi Morris, I’m Laurie P, a volunteer with Black Voters Matter. This November will be critical here in Florida and a lot’s on the line. Can we share more about the election and ways you can help?

The Message Continues,

Great! This is the most important election in the history of Black communities in Florida. We could elect Andrew Gillum for governor, Sean Shaw for Attorney General, and vote yes on 4 to restore the voting rights of millions. We could end Jim Crow Florida! Can we count on you to encourage 5 friends/family to vote in this election?

Currently the race for governor is highly contested between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Socialist Andrew Gillum. The polls have Gillum by 1 point, and if he wins he will destroy Florida like he did Tallahassee.


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