Budget Cuts: Trump asks cabinet to cut department budgets by 5 percent

Photo: Evan Vucci, AP

Article by Bryan Howard

October 17, 2018

President Trump announced he will be making budget cuts on Wednesday with the outrage of the ever increasing deficit. President Trump showed he is working for the people instantly making initiatives to make cuts to the budget.

President Trump talked about the penny plan, which is cut a penny for every dollar spent and it would put the country in great shape after 5 years. Trump wanted to enact the nickle plan so he is asking his cabinet members to cut 5% of their departments to speed up the process of fixing the budget.

President Trump made a statement to why he allowed the last budgets to be high,

“Last year, the first year, I had to do something with the military. The military was falling apart, it was depleted, it was in very bad shape, and that’s why we went for two years, $700 billion, $716 billion,” Trump said. “I had to give the Democrats, I call it ‘waste money,’ things I would never have approved, but we had to do that in order to get the votes because we don’t have enough Republican votes to do that without them.”



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