President Trump Threatens Honduras Government, “Stop Migrant Caravan or Lose Aid”


Article by Bryan Howard

October 16, 2018

A new caravan of Hondurans has been marching it’s way toward the United States to enter Illegally. Many Americans who love our country are worried about a mass illegal immigration sneaking in like this caravan. President Trump seems to have had enough of Central America allowing these caravans passing through to sneak into the United States by issuing a threat to their governments.

The caravan left Honduras at a size of 1,300 and grew to over 3,000. This Caravan has crossed into Guatemala on Monday and heading towards the United states.

This is a video of the size of the caravan,

On Monday President Trump unleashed on Democrats and the immigration laws we have in place today. “We have the dumbest laws in history, and it’s because of the Democrats, because they want to have these laws that way.”

President Trump responded on Twitter giving his threat to the Honduras Government to stop the caravan and bring them back to Honduras. If they don’t we will remove aid and money immediately.




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