Keith Ellison In Tight Race For Minnesota AG After Spousal Abuse Scandal Emerged!


Article by Bryan Howard

October 16, 2018

Democrat Keith Ellison is in a tight race for the Minnesota Attorney General race since the spousal abuse scandal broke. Keith Ellison was accused by former girlfriend Karen Monahan abuse. She claims he dragged her violently off the bed by her feet and yelling threats towards her. Ellison denies the claims but it seems the public is viewing Karen Monahan’s story as credible because the polls are showing Ellison is in a tie with his Republican challenger.

According to Survey USA Election poll, Doug Wardlow (R) has closed the massive lead Keith Ellison held in the heavy blue state. The poll shows Wardlow and Ellison are tied at 41 percent with 18 percent undecided.

It seems Democrat party has resulted in blaming the survivor Karen Monahan for Keith Ellison’s struggles.


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