Carter Page is suing the DNC Over Trump Dossier!

PHOTO: Mark Wilson/Getty

Article by Bryan Howard

October 16, 2018

Carter Page was the individual the Obama administration and the DNC had the FBI illegally obtain a FISA warrant to spy on. Mr. Page is looking to get justice by suing them for breaking his constitutional rights.

Not only is Carter Page suing the Democratic National Committee he is also suing the law firm that represented the DNC and created the “Trump Dossier,” Perkins Coie.

Carter Page appeared on Sean Hannity where he made these statements.

It goes beyond any damages or any financial aspects,” Page said.

“There has been just so many lies,” Carter told Hannity. “You look at the damage it did to our Democratic systems and our institutions of government, back in 2016, and I’m just trying to get some justice in terms of getting some disclosure.”


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