Trump reacts to Elizabeth Warren releasing DNA test results

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

October 15, 2018

Elizabeth Warren released her DNA results which claim that she has less than 1% of Native American in her DNA. President Trump was asked about these results and he was clear “Who Cares.”

President Trump was asked by a reporter his thoughts on Elizabeth Warren’s dNA results, he responded, “Who cares?”

The reporter questioned are you going to donate $1 Million like you promised Trump responded, “You better read it again.”

President Trump finished off saying he hopes she wins on the Democrats side. “I hope she’s running for president because I think she’d be very easy. I hope that she is running. I do not think she’d be difficult at all, she’d destroy our country. She’d make our country into Venezuela. With that being said I don’t want to say bad things about her because I hope she’d be one of the people that would get through the process.”



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