Portland Mayor Defends ANTIFA For Causing Havoc In His City!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

October 14, 2018

ANTIFA has been running wild in the city of Portland as if they ran the city. Recently ANTIFA shut down a road where they harassed motorists and assaulted any who did not follow their directions. Police were caught in video being at the scene but were sitting back allowing it to happen. This may not be their fault since the orders come from the mayor himself on how the police can react.  The Mayor of Portland Democrat Ted Wheeler seems to be missing in action and refusing to put his foot down on ANTIFA’s antics.

Ted Wheeler finally spoke out on ANTIFA’s actions, but not saying he won’t accept this action. Instead Wheeler defended ANTIFA and supported the decision to not have the police intervene in ANTIFA’s plans.

Ted Wheeler’s Tweet,

Ted Wheeler is the reason why the group Patriot Prayer took a stance and physically removed ANTIFA from the streets on Saturday night.


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