WATCH: A Republican Canvasser Chased And Assaulted By Crazed Leftist!

PHOTO: Facebook Justin Fareed

Article by Bryan Howard

October 13, 2018

Republican Justin Fareed’s congressional campaign released a video on Friday showing their canvasser being chased by a crazed leftist.

Breitbart news breaks down the events that transpired,

Fareed campaign manager Austin Stukins recounted the incident to Breitbart News. According to Isaac, he was canvassing the neighborhood, visiting houses on a list identified by the campaign. He was leaving campaign materials and asking questions at the door. He was also encouraging people to get out to vote.

Isaac said he tried to have a conversation with the man in the video when he answered the door. Isaac talked about Fareed’s race, expressed concern over protecting the city’s streets, and talked about Kate Steinle, the young woman who went to school in the congressional district and was killed by an illegal alien.

The man began yelling and screaming, according to Isaac’s account, which Fareed’s campaign communicated to Breitbart News. Isaac said he told the man he was not trying to fight and just wanted to have a conversation. When he turned to leave, he said the man proceeded to chase him, and during the chase, the man hit him in the back. Immediately thereafter, Isaac said he was able to get his camera turned on and start recording.

The video shows a man in chase who relents as he sees the camera rolling. The man’s response to being asked why he is attacking Isaac is that he believes Isaac is lying. The man then turns away, and when Isaac tells him he is going to report the assault, the man turns again, screams, claps, and says, “Go ahead!”


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