NFL Legend Jim Brown: “I don’t think we should take knee”

PHOTO: CNN Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

October 12, 2018

The Legendary NFL Running Back Jim Brown visited the White House on Thursday. Brown and President Trump talked about how they can help fix issues going on in the Black community, which has been a routine for these two to discuss.

Afterwards, Jim Brown held questions in the White House yard with the media where he was asked about NFL players kneeling in protest to the National Anthem. Brown responded is dislike for the protest.

I can be very blunt about taking a knee. See, first of all, I’m an American. That flag is my flag. Things that I’ve overcome in this country have allowed me to make me a better person. I don’t think that we should take knees in protest instead of be standing up for our flag. I think we should work out our problems as a family. And that’s what I would advocate to my children and to all the young people that I deal with. I am an American. That flag is my flag. And I want to represent it that way.”


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