Just Do It: Arkansas sheriff’s office put people in Nike shirts for mug shots!

PHOTO: (Image source: New York Post video screenshot)

Article by Bryan Howard

October 12, 2018

Criminals in Arkansas wearing Nike shirts has been floating around the internet with much outrage from the left. They believe this was a direct shot at Nike for Colin Kaepernick endorsement. The Union County Sheriff’s Office has been facing backlash from many left leaning activist groups because of these photos.

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, who is a white guy who believes he’s black, posted on twitter his outrage.

However, Sheriff Ricky Roberts disputes the claim this was a political stunt, “We are not, and will not, be influenced by current political and social debates in the media. This shirt is not only in use now, but has been for several months prior. We have taken steps to rectify this issue and ensure that this will never happen again.”

It is unknown for sure if this was a political stunt or not, but it does seem Sheriff Ricky Roberts is telling the truth that it wasn’t. I personally hope it was a political stunt, but I also love a good trolling when one happens.


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