WATCH: Ann Coulter Said If We Have ‘Constant Immigration’ Will Lead to ‘No Culture’

Article by Bryan Howard

October 9, 2018

Ann Coulter appeared on a Nordic network in New York where she was questioned on her views of immigration. Ann Coulter did not shy away from her stance saying the Left wants to end culture by having open borders.

Transcript wrote by Breitbart News:

“I feel like I’m the only one who really wants diversity,” Coulter said. “If all we’re going to have is this constant churning and constant immigration, we’re all going to be … we’re all going to look alike, there will be no difference, there will be no culture.

“I want to go to Sweden and eat fish and have it be light all night, buy Ikea furniture and listen to ABBA,” Coulter said.

“And then I want to go to Italy and have pasta, I think it works better if cultures stay in their own country so you have genuine diversity as opposed to just one blend,” Coulter continued.

When the Swedish TV host pushed back, Coulter said that advocates for mass immigration should not claim that they are “for diversity,” saying, they are really “for ending culture, actually.”

“If you want everyone to be the same and all cultures to be alike and for there to be no difference,” Coulter said. “I could wake up and not know if I’m in Mexico, Syria, Egypt, Sweden, Italy.”


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