Stephen Colbert Writer Celebrates Ruining Brett Kavanaugh’s Life!

PHOTO: Fox News Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

October 7, 2018

In a sick twisted way of thinking Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” writer admitted what the lefts goal was from the beginning when using false allegations against him. The writer Ariel Dumas or (Dumb A**) tweeted,

“Whatever happens, I’m just glade we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.”

Soon after she released this tweet there was instant backlash and she was forced to remove the tweet and she locked her account so only followers can see her tweets.

It seems CBS must have forced her to issue a weak apology because soon after she tweeted,

However, Dumas revealed what all Conservatives knew, Democrats were never concerned about rape allegations. The Democrats were only attempting to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court.


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