Alaska GOP Considering Throwing Murkowski Out Of The Party!

PHOTO:  (Photo: YouTube still)

Article by Bryan Howard

October 8, 2018

The Alaska GOP party is deciding if it should reprimand Sen. Lisa Murkowski for casting her vote as “NO” on Brett Kavanaugh. The Alaska GOP committee has asked Murkowski to turn over any information on how she came to the conclusion to vote no.

AP reports, “Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock says the committee could decide to issue a statement. Or he says it could withdraw support of Murkowski, encourage party officials to look for a replacement and ask that she not seek re-election as a Republican.”

Babcock stated, “the party took that more extreme step previously with state legislators who caucused with Democrats. And all this follows outrage from Alaska Republicans.”

The AP reports, “Murkowski told reporters that if she worried about political repercussions she wouldn’t be able to do the job Alaskans expect her to do.”


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