Trump Jr. Warns Republicans ‘This Is War’


Article by Bryan Howard

October 5, 2018

Donald Trump Jr. issued a strong warning of caution for all Republican voters that the Kavanaugh fight is far from over. On Friday Brett Kavanaugh was voted in to the final confirmation vote with all indications pointing to him being confirmed on Saturday. Republicans all across the country have been celebrating but the fight isn’t over.

Donald Trump Jr. warned “This is War” and the Democrats will never give up and look to impeach Kavanaugh if they win the House this November.

Donald Trump Jr. Tweet.

Many main stream Democrats and Media pundits have been claiming they will impeach Kavanaugh if they get power. We Republicans should take that threat seriously considering they told us they will do what ever it takes to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed, which they nearly did by using false sex abuse allegations. If the Democrats are willing to stoop to that level they will easily stoop to the level to wrongfully impeach Kavanaugh.


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