FBI Report: Witness Claimed Ford’s “Allies”Attempted To Pressure Her In Changing Story!

PHOTO: (Saul Loeb/Pool via Reuters)

Article by Bryan Howard

October 4, 2018

Christine Blasey-Ford’s friend Leland Keyser was the only alleged female witness in the Kavanaugh hearing. Keyser has denied the allegations Ford placed on Brett Kavanaugh claiming she never met Brett nor remembered any party that Ford described. Ford has been  irritated about Keyser’s denials of the false allegations and told the nation Keyser’s personal medical history.

However, in the FBI report Keyser was interviewed by the FBI and it turns out Ford had her allies try to pressure her to change her story in favor of Ford.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Leland Keyser told the FBI that Christine Blasey-Ford’s friend and former FBI agent Monica McLean, was pressuring her to change her story to corroborate Ford’s false allegations.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out Keyser’s statement is “a glimpse into how Dr. Ford’s allies were working behind the scenes to lobby old classmates to bolster their versions of the alleged incident.”

The Wall Street Jorurnal stated a source close to the indecent claimed, “including Ms. McLean, had contacted Ms. Keyser after her initial statement to warn her that her statement was being used by Republicans to rebut the allegation against Judge Kavanaugh.”


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