WATCH: Kavanaugh 3rd Accuser Swetnick Changes Story Dramatically!

PHOTO: Swetnick

Article by Bryan Howard

October 02, 2018

Julie Swetnick appeared on MSNBC to talk about her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. She never accuses Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting woman, but made claims he spiked the punch and stood in lines waiting for gang rapes.

Swetnick back tracked in the interview claiming she never saw Kavanaugh spike the punch. She also back tracked on seeing lines waiting for gang rapes. She claims she saw Brett Kavanaugh in a huddle not a line.

Obviously, it is normal for parties to have huddles of groups talking to each other in random areas and for her to make a stretch of claiming that was a line for gang rape rooms is beyond belief.

WATCH: Swetnick back track and make astounding outrages accusations.



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