Threats Fired: Think Progress Editor Believes Republicans Should Be Confronted In Their Homes.The Left Wants Violence.

(The Big Picture RT via YouTube) Article by Bryan Howard September 29, 2018 Ian Millhiser who is an Editor for radically left leaning news source "Think Progress," made threatening statements towards all Republicans on Friday.  Jeff Flake Announced early Friday morning he intends to vote yes on Brett Kavanaugh he was attacked by a leftist... Continue Reading →

EPIC WATCH: Citizens United Democrats “Stop At Nothing To Smear Kavanaugh,” Attack Ad!

PHOTO: YouTube Screenshot Article by Bryan Howard September 28, 2018 After Democrats showed unethical attacks against Brett Kavanaugh Citizens United created an ad in response. In the Ad Citizens United called out Dianne Feinstein for having a Chinese Spy. They called out Richard Blumenthal for lying about being in Vietnam. They called out Tom Carper for beating... Continue Reading →

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