Trump Orders FBI to Investigation into Kavanaugh Limited to less than A Week!

After the insanity of the ending to the Judicial Committee vote on Kavanaugh where Jeff Flake and the Democrats demanded for the FBI to investigate Kavanaugh before the final Senate Vote. This came after they voted “YES” on Kavanaugh in an 11-10 vote.

On Friday, President Trump granted their wishes by ordering the FBI to open a “supplemental investigation” into Brett Kavanaugh. President Trump did put stipulations onto the Investigation.

  1. The investigation is limited to less than one week
  2. The limited-scope investigation can only focus on allegations prior the final vote for Kavanaugh on Friday.


Sarah Sanders released a statement about the investigation on Twitter.


Trump also responded on Twitter:

There will likely be many new dirty tricks we will see the Democrats use from now until the Investigation is over. Every Conservative needs to be prepping themselves for an intense exhausting week filled with insanity created by the left, but I do promise if we stay strong we will survive every punch the left can throw at us.


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