GOP Officials Slam Jeff Flake,”He betrayed the Republican Party and went full-Democrat.”

PHOTO: CNN Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

September 29, 2018

According to the Daily Wire a GOP officials slammed Jeff Flake for his actions of demanding a one week FBI investigation into the Brett Kavanaugh investigation. After Republicans had the Democrats on the ropes Jeff Flake flaked out by claiming in order to get his full senate floor vote there must be a one week FBI investigation.

The statements below are from the Daily Wire, and the GOP officials did not give a name for  anonymity.

“He’s a pompous a** who has lost his f**king mind,” a high-level GOP official told The Daily Wire

“The outrage against Flake came after he changed his mind from voting to confirm Kavanaugh to wanting an FBI investigation completed so that he would “feel better.”

“He betrayed the Republican Party and went full-Democrat,” the official said, adding that Flake’s decision to call for an FBI investigation was short-sighted because of how that move puts the vacant Supreme Court seat in jeopardy. “He did not consider how his actions will affect the America that his grandchildren will grow up in and whether they will have the same freedoms that we have today.”

It is clear Jeff Flake not only betrayed Brett Kavanaugh and Conservative voters, but he also turned his back on the actually Republican party. Jeff Flake has made a career by turning his back on Republican voters by being far to friendly with Democrats and it seems he wants to finish his career as the disgrace he was his whole career.



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