Votes Are In, Brett Kavanaugh “YES” On Kavnaugh Reigns Victory!

PHOTO: Alex Edelman—Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

September 28, 2018

After grueling weeks on the Democrats fighting to delay Brett Kavanaugh confirmation on to the Supreme Court the Judicial Committee has voted him to be confirmed. Democrats smeared and slandered the good name of a great man and his family with zero shreds of evidence to back their claims, but it was all for nothing Republicans grew a backbone and stayed strong with the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.

There was concern if the vote was going to happen with last minute when Democrats cornered Senator Jeff Flake to convince him not to vote yes on Kavanaugh. The tactic delayed the vote by nearly 20 minutes, but did not stop the vote.

However, Jeff Flake wound up voting for Brett Kavanaugh he did make stipulations for himself to vote yes during the floor vote. The stipulations were he wants the FBI to investigate Brett Kavanaugh for a time of a maximum of one week in the scope of only the current accusations.

Jeff Flake does not get the right to determine if there is an FBI investigation that is determined by Senate Majority Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Chuck Schumer. The Republicans don’t need Jeff Flakes vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh because they have the tie breaking vote in Vice President Mike Pence.

Vote Break downs of the Judicial Committee.

Yes votes received-11

No votes received-10

The Vote Break down


Grassley, Chuck (IA), Chairman- YES
Hatch, Orrin G. (UT)- YES
Graham, Lindsey (SC)- YES
Cornyn, John (TX)- YES
Lee, Mike (UT)- YES
Cruz, Ted (TX)- YES
Sasse, Ben (NE)- YES
Flake, Jeff (AZ)- YES
Crapo, Mike (ID)- YES
Tillis, Thom (NC)- YES
Kennedy, John (LA)- YES



Feinstein, Dianne (CA), Ranking Member –
Leahy, Patrick J. (VT)- NO
Durbin, Richard J. (IL)-No
Whitehouse, Sheldon (RI)- NO
Klobuchar, Amy (MN)- NO
Coons, Christopher A. (DE)- NO
Blumenthal, Richard (CT)- NO
Hirono, Mazie K. (HI)- NO
Booker, Cory A. (NJ)- NO
Harris, Kamala D. (CA)- NO



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