Inconsistency Testimony From Christine Blasey Ford!

PHOTO: Win McNamee / Getty

Article by Bryan Howard

September 27, 2018

During Christine Blasey-Ford’s Testimony she had many issues that contradicted herself. And I will briefly try to run through a few of them.

  • Ford claimed she was afraid of flying and had to drive from California to the Hearing on the other side of the Country. Yet she ended up flying there after the delay was granted for her. It was established in the hearing she was a frequent flyer on planes multiple times a year as a world traveler.


  • Ford Admitted she was getting paid from Go-Fund me accounts set up by activist groups.


  • Ford Admitted Her Polygraph was paid for by her lawyers and they picked an individual to do it for her.


  • Ford was asked the unforgettable aspects of the night she was assaulted and never mentioned Brett Kavanaugh as an unforgettable aspect of the night. Only rooms, Objects, and a laugh.


  • The 4 people Ford claimed were witnesses all denied the accusations transpired.


  • Ford Claimed she didn’t produce this evidence for political reasons because she did it before he was nominated. Yet, when she went forward with the issue Kavanaugh was the likely nomination to be picked.


  • Ford got Dates in correct from her original testimony read twitter below.




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