Hillary Clinton Operative Brian Fallon Reveals Plan To Prevent All Nomination Trump Picks For SCOTUS!

Article by Bryan Howard

September 26, 2018

Brian Fallon Former Hillary Clinton spokesman exposed  the plans Democrat activists planned out to prevent Trump from filling the Supreme Court Justice Seat until 2020 vote is over. Fallon made incriminating statements in an interview with The New York Times on Wednesday.

Fallon founded activist group  “Demand Justice,” where they focus on keeping Brett Kavanaugh off the bench from the Supreme Court. They are hell bent on preventing Kavanaugh for retaliation that the Republicans blocked Obama’s nomination Merrick Garland.

Fallon claims the plan is to stop Kavanaugh nomination, then win back the House and Senate, and finish off with winning the White House in 2020.

Republican Senators need to take note of this before they vote on Friday at 9:30 AM on Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats will not stop because they stopped Kavanaugh they will run smear jobs on every single nomination Trump makes until 2020, which is why Republicans need to vote Kavanaugh in on Friday and end this charade.


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