Brett Kavanaugh’s Opening Statements Released For His Hearing Over Sexual Misconduct!


Article by Bryan Howard

September 26, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement for his hearing over sexual misconduct is released. During his opening speech he denies any claims made against him and calls them “false and uncorroborated.”

“Sexual assault is horrific. It is morally wrong. It is illegal. It is contrary to my religious faith. And it contradicts the core promise of this Nation that all people are created equal and entitled to be treated with dignity and respect,” Kavanaugh will say. “Allegations of sexual assault must be taken seriously. Those who make allegations deserve to be heard. The subject of allegations also deserves to be heard. Due process is a foundation of the American rule of law.”

“But I was not perfect in those days, just as I am not perfect today. I drank beer with my friends, usually on weekends. Sometimes I had too many,” he stated. “In retrospect, I said and did things in high school that make me cringe now.”

But, he insists, he “never did anything remotely resembling what Dr. Ford describes.”

“I categorically and unequivocally deny the allegation against me by Dr. Ford. I never had any sexual or physical encounter of any kind with Dr. Ford,” Kavanaugh will say. “I am not questioning that Dr. Ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time. But I have never done that to her or to anyone. I am innocent of this charge.”



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