Breaking: Kavanaugh’s 1982 Calendars Released For Public To See!

  • PHOTO: Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

September 26, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh’s lawyers sent in 5 page copies of his 1982 calendar to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday night. These copies are going to be used in the hearing to combate the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. These pages were obtained by USA Today and were published.

The months Kavanaugh’s lawyers published were May, June, July, and August. The fifth page was a hardcover front page of the calendar.

USA Today showed that Kavanaugh “listed his chores, including mowing the lawn, and a father-son dinner. He listed sleepovers at his friend’s homes, including that of Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s friend and classmate at Georgetown Preparatory School.”

The calendar shows Kavanaugh had a busy summer packed full of events while even listing the parties and friends he was with.

USA Today showed “Ford’s name isn’t mentioned at all on the calendar, but she has said she didn’t know Kavanaugh well at the time of the alleged assault and did not remember exactly where and when it happened.”

The Calendar only shows Monday-Friday which is probably a tactical strategy by Kavanaugh’s lawyers to not let Blasey-Ford and her lawyers know what his weekends schedule was. That way if they say it happened on a day he was accounted for it will be discredited.

The Calendar pages sent to the Judiciary Committee.



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