Breaking: Avenatti reveals alleged third Kavanaugh victim with her testimony!

PHOTO: PHOTO: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Article by Bryan Howard

September 26, 2018

Michael Avenatti released the 3rd accusation he was claiming he had. The name of the third accuser is Julie Swetnick, who claims she was gang raped at one of the parties Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge attended in the 1980’s.

Aaron Blake posted the most explosive part of the claims.

During the statement by Julie she claims Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge were “Joined at the hip” and attended many parties together. The beginning of the statement is Julie’s credentials of where she worked.

The second page she claims during 1981 she knew of parties and attended them in the Washington area where the drugged and gang raped girls. Her claim is Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge attended these parties.

During the second page she claims Brett Kavanaugh would forcefully and aggressively grope woman and he was a mean drunk.

Julie then claims she saw Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge in the lines waiting to gang rape girls in the room that were drugged, but never said they actually did do it.

Julie claims she was drugged and raped at a party with 15 year-old Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge but again never said they were involved in the raping.

It is possible her story may be true that she was gang raped and Brett Kavanaugh was even at the party at 15. However, she never made the allegation he raped her which means this entire story is bogus on grounds to hold Kavanaugh accountable for what happened to her.

If Julie was gang raped I hope she gets justice but it doesn’t seem Brett Kavanaugh had anything to do with her alleged rape allegations other than he may have been present in the same party.

This is a far stretch from Avenatti’s claim that Kavanaugh ran a sex gang rape ring.


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