WATCH: Kavanaugh’s replacement will make him look like a left-winger: Greg Gutfeld

PHOTO: YouTube Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

September 25, 2018

Greg Gutfeld from Fox talked about the scenario of Brett Kavanaugh not being nominated. In the scenario there will have to be a replacement which Gutfeld projects may be Amy Coney-Barrett who finished in top three choices for this seat. Barrett is a young strong religious Conservative who will drive the left nuts.

I wrote multiple articles pleading for the original nomination to be Kavanaugh’s replacement as has many other conservatives.

Gutfeld talks about how Democrats over played their hand because Amy Coney-Barrett will make Kavanaugh seem like he is on the left politically.

Every American lover needs to make sure to vote Republican this mid-term and not sit out no matter how blue or red of an area you live in. If Democrats someone railroad Kavanaugh we are capable of forcing in a stronger Conservative on the Supreme Court instead. It would be the ultimate in your face action we could do to the Democrats and the defeat the Democrats would face would be demoralizing for them.


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