Trump Calls Out Grassley and McConnell For Caving To Democrats On Kavanaugh!

Article by Bryan Howard

September 25, 2018

The Washington Post is reporting that President Trump has called out Senate Republicans Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell, for being easily manipulated by the Democrats on the KAvanaugh confirmation.

The Washington post claimed this is what happened in the private setting.

In private talks, Trump has targeted McConnell and Grassley for criticism, complaining that they have not been forceful enough in speeding up the process and have been too deferential to Ford’s attorneys, according to two people familiar with Trump’s concerns. McConnell (R-Ky.) — who delivered a vigorous defense of Kavanaugh in a speech on the Senate floor Monday — has tried to explain to the president that he, too, is eager to hold a vote but that he first needs to ensure that the nomination has the majority support to pass the Senate.

In a conference call with Republican congressional aides, Trump allies and other pro-Kavanaugh surrogates later Monday morning, Conway stressed what she described as hypocrisy by the media. She said that some media figures who have been calling the allegations against Kavanaugh toxic or even fatal have protected men in their own industry — such as CBS’s Leslie Moonves and NBC’s Matt Lauer — who were accused of far more egregious behavior than Kavanaugh, according to two people familiar with the call.

But as much as Trump and his aides were trying to push Kavanaugh’s nomination through, White House officials have also been eager to try protect and cushion the president from too much public exposure, especially before Kavanaugh and his accuser testify Thursday.

Mitch McConnell’s concerns are legitimate that the votes may not be there, but it doesn’t change the fact we need this vote to happen before October so Kavanaugh can be sitting in the October Supreme Court Justice cases. If Republicans don’t vote yes on Kavanaugh right now then at least we know who not to vote for in the mid-terms. It is time to end this circus and bring this confirmation to a vote today!



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