Diane Feinstein Claims “I Have No Way Of Knowing If Kavanaugh Accuser Will Testify Thursday”

PHOTO: AP/Andrew Harnik

Article by Bryan Howard

September 25, 2018

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has been pushing for delay after delay so her “victim” could have a hearing before the vote on Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice seat. But now the scheduled date of Thursday the 27th is nearing Feinstein is unsure if Christine Blasey Ford will testify.

After making the false allegations against Brett Kavanaugh Blasey has been making insane demands and conditions for her to testify. Every person she claimed was a witness has denied any such allegations have take place 36 years ago. Reports are claiming Blasey Ford will not show up because Grassley hired a female prosecutor of sex crimes to question her.

When Feinstein was asked if Ford will be present Thursday, she stated “no way of knowing.”


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