ANTIFA Sends Ted Cruz A Threatening Message ‘YOU ARE NOT SAFE’ “You’re votes are a death wish”

Article by Bryan Howard

September 25, 2018

After Ted Cruz was harassed by a bunch of Leftist Fruit Loops at a restaurant ANTIFA sent very threatening messages to Ted Cruz and all Conservatives, “You Are Not Safe.”

They started off saying claiming our votes are a death wish. In other words that is a threat they will kill us for voting against ANTIFA wishes.

Then they went on a insane rant about Ted Cruz.

The final tweet is the scariest tweet which has been removed from twitter, but we were able to obtain a screenshot of the tweet before it’s removal.


This is becoming wildly unacceptable and it is time for us Conservatives to fight back against these little twerps. I know no Conservative will allow a purple haired leftist fruit loop threaten them.



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