Scary: Andrew Gillum (D-FL) Running Mate Chris King Is An Anti-Semite!


Article by Bryan Howard

September 22, 2018

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s running mate Chris King has made some serious anti-Semitic comments.

Chris King is a 39-year-old progressive socialist from Orlando was picked in September as Andrew Gillum’s lieutenant governor running mate.

However, the Washington Beacon revealed some disturbing comments from Chris King from 1999, “several prominent anti-Semitic organizations known for promoting boycotts of Jewish goods and individuals.”

The Beacon reported, after King lost a race for president of the Harvard Undergraduate Council he blamed the Jews for his loss.

“This could have never happened in the South,” King said. “I was nailed to the cross. And most of the editorial staff that was so hard on me, the vast majority were Jewish.” Since being asked about these comments King admitted to making these awful statements.

“Chris King’s comments are deeply disturbing,” said Stephen Lawson, a spokesman for GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, in a statement to The Daily Wire. “Unfortunately, it’s not surprising given Andrew Gillum’s associations with Dream Defenders and other Pro-BDS groups.”

“Ron DeSantis has been consistent and unwavering in his support for Israel, which is our country’s strongest ally,” Lawson continued. “The difference in this election couldn’t be clearer. Ron DeSantis will always stand with Israel. Andrew Gillum will not. Florida needs a Governor that will strengthen our partnership with Israel, not undermine it.”



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