HUGE Red Wave: Republican wins Texas district held by Dems for 139 years

PHOTO:  Bob Daemmrich for The Texas Tribune

Article by Bryan Howard

September 22, 2018

Republican Pete Flores won senate district 19 in Texas. This is huge news because the seat was held by Democrats for 139 years. The district ranges 400 miles of the Texas Mexico border and is 66% Hispanic. This victory may show there could be a red wave coming in the United States, at least in the deep red states.

Dan Patrick joins Fox where he talks about this victory and the Beto O’Rourke Socialism being rejected by Texas.

Dan starts off by saying O’Rourke is a socialist and his values does not align with Texas, but he would do well in Sweden. Then he dives in to why Pete Flores won district 19.

Secure Border

Lower Taxes

Pro Second Amendment

But most importantly Hispanics care about Pro-Life and oppose abortion.

Democrats may be worried about losing a very deep blue seat to a Republican getting close to the mid-term elections. The question is does this show a sign that Americans (which includes all races because we are all Americans) are rejecting Socialism?



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