USC Organization Claims Ben Shapiro Speech Puts Minority Lives At Risk!

PHOTO: Fox News Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

September 21, 2018

The Daily Wire reported Editor-and-chief Ben Shapiro is being attacked for his upcoming speech at University of Southern California (USC). Radical leftist Student organizations are passing #Soundthealarm letter which is to discourage Ben Shapiro from speaking at USC on October 4th. In the letter they claim Ben Shapiro risks “The safety and lives of minority communities on the University of Southern California’s campus is in harm’s way.”

Here is a shared post of the letter from Black Student Assembly at USC.

In the letter they claim Ben Shapiro speaks for the “eradication of entire races” and discriminates against other races. They also claim he is a white supremacist.  However, there is one problem, Ben Shapiro is an orthodox Jew and for anyone with a brain knows orthodox Jews are the number one target of the white supremacists. In 2016 Ben Shapiro was the number one target of white supremacist groups according to many studies done.

Ben Shapiro has never stated any racist comments in his entire career nor has he pushed for the eradication of entire races. Who ever wrote this letter and is passing it on as truth should be sued for slander against Ben Shapiro.


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