Jim Jordan Say’s “Big Tech Companies Need to be Reclassified as Publishers, or Broken Up”


Article by Bryan Howard

September 20, 2018

Jim Jordan (R-OH) appeared on Breitbart News Radio with Breitbart’s Alex Marlow where they talked about the leaked Google video after the 2016 election. Jordan responded,

“It underscores and highlights what we all sort of expected. These are no longer, as they claim, neutral social media platforms, but in fact they have a bias, and a bias that they’re actively trying to exploit for political gain.”

“That’s what it looks like to me, and I’m someone who personally experienced it, because it wasn’t conservatives who said this, it was a media outlet — not a conservative media outlet — who said four members of Congress were being shadowbanned by Twitter,” he continued. “The four members were Gaetz, Nunes, Meadows, and Jordan… Just so happened to be four conservative members who were also involved with the FBI DOJ investigation, so when you think about 435 members of the House, also 100 members of the Senate, only four get shadowbanned, and Twitter’s response was ‘a glitch in our algorithm.’ To which I responded and said, ‘Well a glitch in your algorithm, what did you put in the algorithm? The names Gaetz, Meadows, Nunes, and Jordan?’ Come on.”

“This is what we now see, so first thing is hearings to highlight what in fact is going on. That has begun,” expressed Jordan. “Second is, if this is where it’s gonna be, then they are no longer social media platforms, they are in fact a newspaper, and there are different laws applied to a newspaper, and we may have to look at frankly taking away this monopoly position that they now have and say, ‘Look we’re going to have to break you up like it’s been done in American history before.’”

Marlow asked what else needs to be done to hold Big Tech accountable, Jordan responded, “I think we still need to highlight this, accent this more, there needs to be a lot more hearings on this issue on Capitol Hill. I think that has to happen, and then, I think we need to start looking at which way we’re gonna go.”

“Are we gonna say, ‘Okay, you’re now a newspaper. You are subjected to a different set of laws,’ and everyone understands that from the get-go? Or like we say, you may have to break them up,” Jordan concluded. “But, in spite of this, conservatives still win. That shows you the character of the American people, that they see through this, that they made Donald Trump president of the United States, that they put Republicans in control, so the other thing we frankly need to do that will help with the whole situation is when we’re in office, do what we said. You mentioned earlier, we haven’t got the border security wall. Let’s get that done. There are other things we promised American people. The president’s keeping his word, Congress needs to do a better job at that, but I think all that has to play out.”


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