Rod Rosenstein Delaying Release Of FISA To Protect The Guilty?

PHOTO: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

September 19, 2018

Louie Gohmert (R-TX) appeared on Fox where he discussed the reasoning for the FISA declassification being delayed. Gohmert believes that the declassification is being delayed by Rod Rosenstein to protect the guilty.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia Trump collusion case, which means Rod Rosenstein is the person in charge of the investigation. However, Rosenstein has skin in the game to prevent the release the Trump ordered declassification because Rosenstein signed off on the FISA Warrant.

Louie Gohmert theorizes Rosenstein is attempting to hold off releasing all the material until after mid-terms in hopes Democrats win either the House or Senate. If Democrats win one of the House or Senate then charges against the guilty parties will not be held accountable.




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