Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) Demands Members of Congress To Be Drug Tested!

Article by Bryan Howard

September 17, 2018

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Louisiana Republican Rep. Clay Higgins has introduced legislation to force members of congress to be drug tested every term they serve in office.

Higgins had strong views on why he believes this legislation is needed stating, “I have observed some behavior that would cause one to wonder,” in an interview with USA Today. “Elected officials in Washington, D.C., should be subject to the same kind of random drug screenings that blue-collar, working-class Americans have to endure,” he said in a statement to CBS News.

According to the Daily Caller the legislation break down,

“If a representative tested positive for illegal drugs, they would be reported to the House or Senate Committees on Ethics. Those who refuse would have their names made public. The resolution would also require members of congress to pay back taxpayers for any related costs for their drug tests.”

“Congress shouldn’t get to live by a different set of rules,” Higgins continued. “This effort is about maintaining accountability and ensuring sober service to We, the People.”

Higgins released his legislation proposal because he believes if true hard working blue collar Americans have to be drug tested to obtain a job so does Congress.


Clay Higgins was famous for his video calling out violent gang thugs in his crime stoppers ad.


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  1. The more i see of mr higgins the more i like the man he reminds me of me .we need a man in office who will stand for our rights i wish he would run for presedent

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