Ted Cruz Says Senate Race Competitive Because ‘The Far Left Has Lost Their Minds’


Article by Bryan Howard

September 15, 2018

Ted Cruz had a few comments on the surprisingly close Senate race he is in against the irresponsible, Ant-American, Socialist Robert O’Rourke.

Cruz starts off by saying O’Rourke is not supported by Texans but by rich coastal elite’s.

“We’ve got a race on our hands,” Cruz said. “If you’re a wealthy liberal sitting in New York City or Massachusetts or San Francisco right now and you could defeat one Republican in the country, it’d be me, that’s why the money is flowing in here.”

“With the election of Donald Trump, the far left has lost their minds,” Cruz said. “The extreme left, they are energized, they’re angry and they have a lot of hatred for President Trump.”

Ted Cruz had comments about Stephan Colbert insults for Cruz buying ad’s during O’Rourke interview.

The Late Show’s host Stephen Colbert said, “Here’s how scared Ted Cruz is of Beto O’Rourke – he bought ads on my show tonight to counter his interview.”

Cruz responded,

“I do think it’s funny that apparently Colbert is mad that anyone buys ads on this show,” Cruz said. “The advertisers ought to follow his advice and not buy ads on his show because it makes him unhappy.”

Cruz finished off by mocking the Left for claiming O’Rourke is Kennedyesque.

“Their favorite adjective is Kennedyesque,” Cruz said. “They all talk about his hair and his teeth, they talk about no substance, nothing about his record, they don’t talk about his being open to abolishing [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], they don’t talk about his wanting to impeach the president.”

However, O’Rourke is Kennedyesque with his habits of driving drunk crashing his car and trying to flee the scene.


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