California Secessionists Hopes Red State Deep Hatred Of California Will Help Their Cause!

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Article by Bryan Howard

September 14, 2018

California secessionists have been attempting to secede from the United States in particular since Trump took office. The secessionists feel they have some hope now with the growing deep hatred of their state from red states.

The organizers of Calexit are postponing the ballot for the separation of California from the Union in hopes to gain support from deep red states to support their cause.

Louis Marinelli, a founder of Yes California and the Calexit campaign, told the Washington Times, “We are going to rely on the deep hatred for California that exists in red America.”

The goal for Calexit campaign is to gain 25 of 31  Republican-held legislatures to adopt “consent to secede” and then once given consent to secede California will hold the vote knowing they can leave the Union.

Marinelli said once given “consent to secede” will let Calexit campaign to “come back to California and tell the people: we have the constitutionally required consent to secede, all we have to do now is vote yes.”

“I think people will be really motivated when it gets to that point, whereas in our previous approach, we could vote yes now but then have to wait for consent of the states,” he continued. “That’s kind of a motivation killer.”

It is still unclear if this is constitutional, but it is plausible if they get enough members of Congress and Senate to support their proposal to secede from the Union.

If California was to leave the Union it would make the United States a Republican ruled Country going forward. Without California Democrats would never be able to win the President, Congress, nor Senate again. I personally am for California splitting from the Union as long as we build a wall around the California border.

Lets face it after 30 years of California leaving the Union they will be crawling back begging to be let back in the union because their socialist policies will turn California into Venezuela. Maybe this is the only true way to defeat the evil idea of Socialism by letting California leave and become that Utopia that will ultimately fall into starvation and bloodshed.


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