California And Blue States Have Highest Poverty Rates!

PHOTO:  (Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group)

Article by Bryan Howard

September 14, 2018

According to a newly released data from the Census bureau, California is leading the nation in Supplement poverty Measures (SPM). Not only was California leading the way majority of the states with high SPM are Democrat ran states. While majority of the states that have low SPM are Republican ran states.

The data was collected from 2017 statistics with a formula which the Census explained as,  “extends the official poverty measure by taking account of many of the government programs designed to assist low-income families and individuals that are not included in the official poverty measure.” They also noted they took into account cost of living.

The Census showed, “There were 16 states plus the District of Columbia for which SPM rates were higher than official poverty rates, 18 states with lower rates, and 16 states for which the differences were not statistically significant.”

California led the way in SPM at 19%, which is 7.5 million citizens in California who are in poverty. The national average for a states SPM is 13.9%.

14 of the 16 states that have high SPM are Democrat ran states, California, New York, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, and New Hampshire.

The other 2 states were Texas and Florida, which the high SPM probably correlate with being a warm climate and near the border because their economy is one of the best in the nation.

Cost of living is important to add into poverty measurements rather than the wage someone earns, because a person in California could earn more than a person in Alabama but the person in Alabama may be doing well financially while the person in California is struggling to get by.

Statistics used for this article comes from Census Bureau.



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