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Article by Bryan Howard

September 13, 2018

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the most conservative Judge in the Supreme court, and the greatest Supreme Court Justice member of my lifetime. Thomas had a sit down interview on C-SPAN where he unloaded a humorous jab at New Jersey Senator Cory Booker for his “Spartacus” moment in the Kavanaugh hearings.

Thomas jab, “if we could use that word about more people who are in public life, people who actually ask the questions at confirmation hearings, instead of ‘Spartacus.””

A reminder of what Booker said in the Kavanaugh hearing that Thomas was referring to, “This is about the closest I’ll probably ever have in my life to an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment.”

Thomas made a statement about talking about honorable for Brett Kavanaugh,

“If we could use the word honorable more often, think about the difference it’ll make. Then, you’ll have a legacy. We will have left the country in better shape, morally, structurally than we found it. But as long as we’re looking at our interests, or scoring points, or looking cute, or being on TV, or the greenhouse effect, or what editorials we’re getting, especially the legal system, how do we maintain it? If you can’t debate hard issues honestly, with honor, with integrity, how do we keep a civil society?”



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