BREAKING: E-mail Leaked Exposes Google Attempted To Get Hillary Clinton Elected.

PHOTO: YouTube Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

September 11, 2018

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson released a bombshell on Monday. Tucker Carlson and his staff was able to obtain an e-mail that exposes Googles bias in an attempt to get Hillary Clinton elected in 2016 election.

Carlson stated, “An email obtained exclusively by this show reveals that a senior Google employee deployed the company’s resources to increase voter turnout in ways she believed would help the Clinton campaign win in the last election.”

The e-mail that Tucker Carlson obtained and exposed was written on November 9, 2016 by Eliana Murillo, the former Head of Multicultural Marketing at Google.

Carlson continued, “In her email, Murillo touts Google’s multifaceted efforts to boost Hispanic in the election,” Carlson said. “She knows that Latinos voted in record-breaking numbers, especially in states like Florida, Nevada, and Arizona.”

Murillo expressed Arizona was a “Key State for us,” Then she gloated on how Google could “used its power to ensure that millions of people saw certain hashtags and social media impressions with the goal of influencing their behavior during the election.”

“[Google] supported partners like Voto Latino to pay for rides to the polls in key states,” the email claimed, the assistance to drive voters was a “silent donation.”

“Murillo then says that Google helped Voto Latino create ad campaigns to promote those rides,” Carlson said. “At the end of her email, Murillo makes it clear that Google was working to get Hillary Clinton elected.”

“Ultimately, after all was said and done, the Latino community did come out to vote, and completely surprised us,” the email states. “We never anticipated 29% of Latinos would vote for Trump. No one did.”

“If you see a Latino Googler in the office, please give them a smile,” the email allegedly continues. “They are probably hurting right now. You can rest assured that the Latinos of these blue states need your thoughts and prayers for them and their families.”


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