NFL Ratings Down Huge In Season Opener!

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Article by Bryan Howard

September 9, 2018

The First Sunday of the NFL season is here with many teams and fans excited to get the season started, but the official season opener was on Thursday with defending champs Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Atlanta Falcons.

These are two power house teams in the NFL which should have generated much excitement and high ratings. However, the ratings came back and they were alarming bad for the NFL.

According to Deadline, The total amount of viewers for the Season opener was 19.5 million, which is down from 21.7 million in last years season opener. The ratings were also down 13% from last season for kick off. It is note worthy there was a late start to the game due to weather which could be attributed to the lower ratings to start the game.

Deadline noted the final rating drop, “With a 13.4/5 in the metered markets, the post-midnight ending game is down 8% from last year’s kickoff of September 7, 2017.”

The last few years have kept receiving ratings drops Since Colin Kaepernick and the NFL players decided to protest the Anthem. Now that we have seen this trend the NFL needs to reverse course and ban players from kneeling and try to save the remaining loyal fans they have.

As long as the NFL allows the disrespectful Anthem protest many football fans like myself are sitting around waiting for the XFL to start in 2019. XFL is owned by Vince McMahon and he has already banned any Anthem protesting while not allowing politics to enter his game.


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