Trump gets creative for alternative way to build the wall if Congress doesn’t allocate the money.


Article by Bryan Howard 

September 8, 2018

President Donald Trump has been promising his supporters he was going to build a wall across Mexican border, but has yet to deliver on the promise.

It is not directly President Trump’s fault that he hasn’t built the wall yet due to congress refusing to allocate the funding to build the wall. The wall is projected to cost over $20 Billion. Recently, Trump has been threatening to shut down the Government if a budget for the wall is not passed.

Congress in particular Democrats in Congress seem unwilling to bend on passing the funding for a wall because they want funding to go to universal healthcare for illegal immigrants instead. This has led President Trump to get creative to find a way to get the wall built.

According to the Daily Mail, President Trump is considering using military resources to finance the wall. When Daily Mail asked him about the military use for funding a wall President Trump responded.

“We have two options: We have military, we have homeland security,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

President Trump added, he would like to pass this “the old-fashioned way — get it from Congress — but I have other options if I have to.”

When asked how the military engineers and construction crew would do he responded.

“They build levees that hold back massive walls of water. They can build one to hold back drugs and human traffickers,” the official said.

It seems President Trump is sticking strong to his promise on delivering a wall all of his supporters have been demanding.


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