STUPID: Leftists propose to stop calling Alamo defenders”Heroic,” Texans Outraged!


Article by Bryan Howard

September 8, 2018

“REMEMBER THE ALAMO,” was chanted by  Sam Houston led Texian forces to a victory at the Battle of San Jacinto,  on March 27, 1836. This day and chant was forever remembered as the greatest achievement in Texas History, where brave men of Texas fought for their freedom against the tyrannical forces of Mexico.

Everyone around the United States were taught about how “Heroic” these men were, but now Leftist Fruit Loops are offended we refer to them as “Heroic.’ According to the Dallas Morning News an advisory board is proposing for Texas teachers to stop referring to these men as heroic.

There argument is it teaches Mexicans are the enemy. Even though Mexico was the enemy of the Texans during the Alamo.

“Many times the Alamo gets boiled down, as it often does in movies, to the Mexicans are the bad guys and the good guys are good Anglos in coon-skin caps,” said Walter Buenger, a Texas historian at the University of Texas in Austin. “Part of the problem with the word ‘heroic’ may be that it’s too simplistic.”

This insane Political Correctness has many Texans outraged including Conservative politicians. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott stated his disgust on Twitter.

“Stop political correctness in our schools,” wrote Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Twitter on Thursday. “Of course Texas schoolchildren should be taught that Alamo defenders were ‘Heroic’! I fully expect the State Board of Education to agree. Contact your SBOE Member to complain.”

Land commissioner George P. Bush weighed in with his outrage over the proposal.

“This politically correct nonsense is why I’ll always fight to honor the Alamo defenders’ sacrifice,” Bush tweeted. “His letter & the defenders’ actions must remain at the very core of TX history teaching. This is not debatable to me.”

This topic will be discussed next week at a school board hearing and could be voted on as late as November.

Save Texan history and write a letter to your local congressman to let them know your disgust of the destruction of Texan history.




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