Marco Rubio Trolls Obama On Political Civility!

PHOTO: Twitter

Article by Bryan Howard

September 8, 2018

Former Disgraced President Barack Obama demonized all Conservatives and anyone who opposes him as an evil bigoted, paranoid, conspiracy theorist, and politically uncivil in a speech on Friday. These statements have been met with much backlash from many conservatives, but Marco Rubio may have sent the best rebuttal.

Rubio made sure to show a video of Obama bashing former first lady Nancy Reagan.

Rubio followed up with a quote where he claimed Republicans cling to their guns and religion.

Lets not forget about when Obama blamed Republicans for him ignoring the Constitution.

Obama claimed GOP are the enemy of Hispanics.

Finally, we can’t forget when Obama claimed anyone who opposes the Iran deal are the same as iranians who chant Death to America!



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