Trump Economy: August “biggest increase of the economic recovery”


Article by Bryan Howard

September 7, 2018

Since President Trump has taken office our economy has woken up from the slumber under Bush and Obama. The economy in particular has been breaking records from the moment President Trump administration cut taxes.

As great as economy has been the month of August has reported even better economic statistics for our great country. The month of August reported in a gain of 201,000 new jobs created, and unemployment falling to a low that our generation has never seen at 3.9%.

However, the most important statistic is the highest wage growth reported since 2009 at 2.9%. This is higher than the projected wage growth of 2.7% Not only did the month of August perform better than projections on wage growth it also did better than the 191,000 job creation projection, bringing in 201,000 for month of August.

Another area that August did better than projected was the forced part-time workers due to not finding full-time employment fell from 7.5% to 7.4%.

The growth for job creation are in these bullet points.

  • Professional and Business Services gained 53,000 jobs.
  •  Health Care created 33,000 jobs.
  • Wholesale trade created 22,000 jobs.
  • Transportation and Warehousing created 20,000 jobs.
  • Mining created 6,000 jobs.
  • Construction created 23,000 jobs.

Worth noting there was a 3,000 job loss in manufacturing jobs for reasons unknown.



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