NBC’s Chuck Todd Says ‘Fight Back’ Against Fox News; Man Drives Truck into Fox News Station Soon After!

Article by Bryan Howard

September 7, 2018

NBC  “Meet the Press”  host Chuck Todd wrote an article calling on the media to “fight back.” During the article he bashed conservative icons like Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge, but mentioned and bashed Fox News more than any.

“The American press corps finds itself on the ropes because it allowed a nearly 50-year campaign of attacks inspired by the chair of Fox News to go unanswered,” Todd wrote. He said the founder of Fox News, the late Roger Ailes’ “sustained assault on the press created the conditions that would allow a president to surround himself with aides who argue for ‘alternative facts,’ and announce that ‘truth isn’t truth.’ Without Ailes, a man of Trump’s background and character could never have won. Roger Ailes was the godfather of the Trump presidency.”

Chuck Todd continues claiming they need to fight back against these entities.

“For me, idle death threats are now the norm. (I don’t take them seriously, because if I did, I’d never feel at peace.) But forget the personal animus or safety issues reporters now face. American democracy requires a functioning press that informs voters and creates a shared set of facts. If journalists are going to defend the integrity of their work, and the role it plays in sustaining democracy, we’re going to need to start fighting back,” he wrote.

Two days after Chuck Todd told the nation to start fighting back against Fox News a man crashed his truck into Dallas Fox News 4 station. The man, identified by police as Michael Chadwick Fry, 34, also ranted about high treason.

FOX 4 Reporter Brandon Todd said, “Originally when he was in the bed of the truck he was yelling out ‘High treason! High treason!’

Chuck Todd should be brought in for questioning for inciting violence. It is logical to connect Chuck Todd demanding people to take action against Fox News and two days later a man does take action. The Left wing media is the enemy of conservative citizens and is no longer a debate but a fact.


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