WATCH: Ted Cruz Dismantle Democrats Who Try And Delay SCOTUS Hearings Over Document Hunt!

PHOTO: Youtube Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

September 5, 2018

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) breaks down why Democrats are demanding every piece of Document on Brett Kavanaugh during hearing.

In other words, those documents written by other people say nothing, zero about Judge Kavanagh’s views and they say nothing, zero about what kind of Justice Judge Kavanaugh would make – but they are, by necessity, the most sensitive and confidential documents in the White House. They are the documents that are going to the president. This is the advice and deliberations of the president at the senior level and the staff secretary is the conduit for those documents. So why is it that the Democrats are putting so much energy in saying, “Hand over all of those documents”? Because they know, they know beyond a shadow of [a] doubt that president George W. Bush’s White House team is not going to allow every piece of paper that went to the president to be made public any more than any other White House would.

Republican or Democrat, no White House would allow every piece of paper that went to and from the president to be made public. Indeed, there are rules and laws and procedures for when and how presidential papers become public, and the reason the Democrats are fighting so loudly on this issue is they are making a demand they know is impossible to meet – and, by the way, is utterly irrelevant to what actually Judge Kavanaugh thinks, believes, or has said.

It would open up all sorts of fishing expeditions to attack, re-litigate George W. Bush’s record as president, and what various cabinet members and senior advisers might or might not have said, but it is at the end of the day simply an attempt to distract and delay. And indeed, the multiple motions we’ve seen from Democrats – delay this confirmation, delay this confirmation – that reveals the whole joke. Their objective is delay.


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