Sen Dick Durbin (D-IL) Admits Democrats Motives For Fighting Kavanaugh, ‘over and Above All’ Because of Trump

Article by Bryan Howard

September 5, 2018

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) admitted to the motives behind the vicious attacks Democrats forced onto Brett Kavanaugh during the hearings. Durbin admitted that their outrage has nothing to do with Kavanaugh’s record, but everything to do with opposing President Trump.

After a long winded rant of Leftist buzz words during Durbin’s opening speech he revealed Democrats real motives stating,

“Over and above all those things is this: you are the nominee of President Donald John Trump,” Durbin said. “This is a president who has shown us consistently that he is contemptuous of the rule of law. He has said and done things as president that we have never seen before in our history.”

Durbin also claimed the protesters who were arrested causing a scene were the “noise of democracy.”

Durbin went on to blame the protests not on the Leftists themselves but of course President Trump, “If you’re wondering why this reaction is taking place, it’s because of what’s happening in this country,” Durbin told Kavanaugh, adding:

“There are many of us who are concerned about the future of this country and the future of democracy. And you are asking for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land where you will make decisions — the deciding vote — on things that will define the course of history and where we are headed.”

The disgraced Illinois Senator shows the disrespect the Democrats have for our constitutional fair election. They refuse to accept the will of the people that we picked Donald Trump to be the President.


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